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Some problems

Bleeding Gums

Don’t ignore bleeding gums. It’s possible that your irritated gums are the one-time result of flossing or brushing too vigorously. However, chronically bleeding gums can be a sign of something much bigger.

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Bad Breath

Bad breath can cause embarrassment and affect your social and professional life. If you feel like you’ve tried everything to cure your bad breath with no avail, don’t be discouraged. There is a solution out there for you!

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Tooth Ache

Flossing and brushing regularly to remove irritating food particles may help reduce toothache. Using pain relievers may also provide temporary relief, but it's best to limit use of topical medications containing benzocaine.

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Our dentist-guided whitening treatment will brighten your smile two shades or more.


Beautiful, long-lasting implants that transform your bite and your smile.


A new care-free,straightening technology that goes behind your teeth, exclusively from Jolly.


A comprehensive wellness visit with a comfortable cleaning, x-rays, and a personalized exam.

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